With a style as unique as its members, WILBERTA has found a fresh new sound for their generation. Their all-encompassing compositions and original concept toward collaborative performance have defined the group as a leading force on the Los Angeles music scene.


The members met as teenagers while attending the LA County High School for the Arts. It would not be long before they formed a group and focused their attention on creating.


WILBERTA embodies a fresh interpretation of instrumental and vocal music, drawing inspiration from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, and Radiohead. The band was created with the intensions of expanding the boundaries of music by breaking down genre walls. The music presents a sleek combination of improvisation, met with powerful rhythmic intensity and soaring melodies.


The band features Daniel Richardson on saxophones, Brandon Bae on guitar, Jonathan Richards on bass, Jonathan Pinson on drums, and Dustin Warren on vocals. Propelled by a progressive new vision for music, WILBERTA offers a raw and indefinable alternative for primed music listeners.